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VF Cliquez sur le drapeau pour avoir la VF

I'm not only a webcomic writer, mind you.

I've been giving standard comics a go as well for several years without ever coming close to broadcasting them to a wide audience. They were mainly about two superheroes saving the French city of Grenoble from a variety of silly villains, but ending up critically wounded at the end of each episode.
The character you see on the right is the ever-so-smiley receptionist of the hospital they kept being rushed into.


Due to my decent drawing skills and to my imagination, and to the fact that I'm very prone to picturing silly ideas, I draw a lot.
And I mean an awful lot.
What you have there on the right (click to enlarge) is an attempt at a female version of Team Fortress 2 while retaining the male characters' main attributes. The positions are the same as on the second version of the original group picture.
And then a few pictures of the individual classes.

Female TF2
Female Spy Demowoman Female Soldier
Female Medic Female Heavy
Female Engineer Female Scout Female Sniper

Let's conclude with some TF2 Haiku!

Pre-round setup time
The whole team is in the spawn
Let's taunt eachother.

Class haiku!

Running with my bat
I can double-jump, you can't
BAM! Take that, fattie.

Look at that, maggot
My helmet's strap is undone
I can't see a thing.

Muhnuhnuh munuh
Muh nuh noff that damn gas mask
I'm not a woman.

I put two stickies
On my battlements back there
BOOM now I'm on yours.

I love my Sasha
Makes me feel like a real man
And you like red goo.

Level 3 sentry
But I'll stand behind it and
Whack it with mah wrench.

Ich bin der Doktor
Not Heavies' babysitter
Let me heal that Scout.

Don't run away mate
It's just a laser pointer
Ha ha mate fooled ya!

Disguised as a Scout
Oh my god how did you guess
I was not friendly?

Based on and made with The Orange Box by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
Fonts by Valve Software and DaFont.
GIMP for image editing.
Comic script help by SomeryC