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VF Cliquez sur le drapeau pour avoir la VF

New Mexico, Summer 1968.

During the race to conquer space, two secret organisations fight each other in an attempt to be the first to launch a satellite to spy on the other. They're named BLU (Builder's League United) and RED (Reliable Excavation and Demolition) and just pretend to maintain a healthy relationship of competition to avoid blowing their covers.
Both BLU and RED have achieved considerable progress in their quest for the perfect rocket launching program, but sadly enough, both of them lack essential parts. The "easiest" solution for them is therefore to try and steal their foes' intelligence!
This comic will focus on BLU's pursuit of that very goal, but don't worry about the serious espionage film aspect of that all, hilarity will ensue!

Now that you know about the context, I'd advise you to go have a look at this comic's cast.

Red base

Based on and made with The Orange Box by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
Fonts by Valve Software and DaFont.
GIMP for image editing.
Comic script help by SomeryC