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Trey Walker, the Scout, is a young man from Boston. He used to want to be a baseball star when he grew up, but ended up settling for more adventure and danger. He didn't quite give up that dream of his though, and likes to carry a baseball bat wherever he goes. His cocky nature could get him into lots of trouble if he didn't have a couple of guns with him, too. Trey also has an unpleasant excess of enthusiasm which gets on the nerves of many of his teammates.


Flex Johnson, the Soldier, is a slightly crazed, self-trained American grunt. Although he was rejected by the US Army, he learnt some fighting techniques by himself, including one that involves blowing your own feet up with a rocket to be propelled upwards (don't try this at home, kids!); however, he failed to figure out how to tie a helmet's strap. Although Flex's dreams of promotions may have been shattered by his inability to enlist, he enjoys talking with an authoritative voice.


Iggy Ashworth, the Pyro, is a pretty mysterious character. The charm of that enigmatic side pretty much disappears when he attempts to carbonise your flesh with his flamethrower. When he isn't roasting foes, Iggy enjoys playing air guitar, having barbecues with his family, and sewing satchels. This last activity doesn't sound manly enough to some, but anyone can be totally comfortable with whatever hobbies they have when they own a flamethrower.


Dougal Mac Dhuibhshithe, the Demoman, comes from Scotland and, as a stereotypical Scot, loves whiskey. He's been fond of explosives ever since he was a child, and lost his left eye in a failed attempt to kill the Loch Ness monster. Dougal is one of the very few people on Earth to be able to make, or even better, defuse a bomb whilst being so drunk he can hardly sit up. Underneath the flak jacket he wears for such purposes is a smiley taped on his crotch, which he reveals to taunt and shock the enemy.


Nikodem Maksimov, the Heavy, is a machine-gun wielding Russian hulk. His interest for his weapon (which he calls Sasha) seems to be closer to love than to simple appreciation of its quality and effectiveness. Due to his size, he tends to pick on pretty much anyone else, calling them "babies"; it's understandable that hardly anyone reacts angrily at such a behaviour. They'd much rather take advantage of Nikodem's thickness, as it's much easier to outsmart him than his bullets.


Billy DeWitt, the Engineer, used to work in the Texas oil and gas industry before getting interested in weaponry; he never totally gave up wearing those dungarees and hard hat of his though... During his free time, he likes watching rodeo, playing the guitar and designing deadly tripod-mounted contraptions. Along with Egon, the Medic, Billy's one of the members of the team with the most education.


Egon Fleischer, the Medic, used to be part of the Bundeswehr, but then left Germany due to lawsuits for fishy experiments he conducted as he designed his Medi-gun. That device of his heals much more effectively than his trusted bonesaw and syringes, which he now exclusively uses to save his own life (mainly by performing "super fast surgery" on whomever threatens him). The word he loves the most in his mother language is "Betäubungsmittelverschreibungsverordnung".


Barry "Bazza" Sutherland, the Sniper went through hard times in his native Australia, where he went crocodile tamer to hunter, from hunter to poacher, and from poacher to sniper for whomever would want to use his sharpshooting abilities. His tendancy to shoot animals in the head has always prevented him from bringing back hunting trophies, but has proved very useful in his new job. When he's not hidden somewhere and pointing a laser at peoples' foreheads, Barry likes having a cold beer while listening to didgeridoo.


Simon Couturier, the Spy is a French secret agent who was looking for a job in a non-national organisation when he was hired by BLU; he loves being sent on important missions to retrieve confidential data, taking out lethal traps with gadgets and coming back to safety while the building he's just come out off explodes in slow motion. He wears a suit by a famous French fashion designer and a balaclava by a fancy and expensive terrorist supplies provider.

Based on and made with The Orange Box by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
Fonts by Valve Software and DaFont.
GIMP for image editing.
Comic script help by SomeryC