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Demoman McLeod

[Comic: Demoman McLeod]
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Demoman McLeod

I've always found it a bit strange that a somewhat sensible Engineer would want to build stuff powered on electricity in water. I guess it has massive isolation :D

On a side note, have you ever witnessed a Demoman sticky-bomb duel? The fighters flying in every direction (and eventually in several directions at once), the wild dodging the enemy's bombs... In "Highlander", immortals should ditch swords and fight like that.

I'm going on vacation for one week next Friday somewhere where I can't have access to Gmod, GIMP and Filezilla, and I'm sure you'd rather keep reading the comic, so I'll try to prepare a few issues I can release while I'm away. I already have enough material for one other issue, but I won't release till Wednesday. Ha!

Thanks for reading :)

by on Sunday, 24 February 2008 at 14:06:02

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